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Welcome to: EDO is an English-Japanese language website dedicated to the third OAV of the Yoroiden Samurai Troopers series, YST: Message. Running since 1996, we also hold the title as the WWW first, and oldest (not to mention the only) site entirely in English dedicated to this YST: Message.

Anything and everything pertaining to this OAV can be found right here. If it isn't here, it probably doesn't exist (or haven't found it yet... you'd be surprised how much stuff is out there). All the information on here comes from official sources and is all translated by Aly.




I know I haven't posted updates to either my site's main page or here. I've been trying to re-write my source code. Now that Triple-Zed has entered some sort of unholy alliance with Hostinger, the former has now implemented "training wheel" features on all their clients (which, for the love of all that's good, I wish they give us the ability to TURN IT OFF). Down side is that now my source code architecture has been completely screwed up. It's not affecting WtEDO, it just that... well, it bugs me that someone is messing with personal way of formatting.

Well, I've got a whole bunch of *major* updates!

1.) I did a total overhaul to the navigational design found in the interview/doujinshi/multi-pages of writing/etc. sections on here. New navigation has now been updated to touch-buttons instead of traditional, inline links. This caters more to those who’ve been accessing WtEDO via larger, touch-screen devices, as I've been getting some suggestions (mainly from table users) for improvements as the old links were sometimes hard to activate when touched.

But, I'm not leaving out my old-skool tower/laptop users, as the new navigation now eliminates some of the Javascript I was running, causing less run -time errors.

2.) I changed the name of the doujinshi section, which not goes by "OVA Doujinshi" (as the years finally taught me, I needed a more *concrete* name).

3.) I added a new section to EDO, called "Postcard Sweepstakes". As the name implies, this section focuses on the numerous postcard [aka: hagaki] sweepstakes that Sunrise, and their partners, advertised during the sales of "Message". Due to it being a collection, it's not complete... I only have posted the advertisements that I personally own at this time. If I come across any others, new posts will be made here.

And, like any other section, if you happen to stumble across any, feel free to let me know or send them in.

4.) I've got a new entry for the OVA Doujinshi section. This time, however, it happens to be a written work (for those of you who are wondering why I've posted a 'story' to the 'doujinshi' section - not all doujinshi works are comics, as many also contain things such as short stories or articals... after all, that's what the 'shi' in doujinshi means).

It's a humorous peice titled "What to Understand When Going to Comiket". In short, it's a guide on how to prepare for, and what to do/not do while attending, Comiket - as acted out by the main characters found from the OVAs (with a little help from the Troopers, of course).

Plus, for younger fans that were either too young to remember 1991 or weren’t even born then, this pretty much shows that the concerns that plagued comic conventions 26 years ago are still some of the same ones seen today. Crazy how things haven’t really changed...


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